Cloud computing is not all fluff


A RECENT survey by IDC Manufacturing found that 22% of US manufacturers have already incorporated cloud computing into their IT portfolios, and that 44% were in the process of doing so or have firm plans to do so.

That means two-thirds of US manufacturers are sold on the concept of cloud computing; with a mere 2% having no plans for cloud adoption.

Whether that’s the case in Australia today is not clear. What is clear is that cloud computing is able to cut a companies’ IT costs, and manufacturers should be taking advantage of the technology where possible.

The key attributes of Cloud Computing (CC)

  • CC offerings are services, not products.
  • CC allows customers to increase and decrease the number of users that have access to services, exponentially.
  • CC allows customers to provision new services to users instantly or within hours.
  • CC turns computing resources into operational expenses rather than capital expenditure.
  • CC enables organisations to pay for computing resources based on consumption of the resources in question.
  • CC allows multiple, diverse customers to share computing resources.
  • CC service enhancements, such as updates, are automatic.
  • CC resources can be accessed using any Internet-enabled device, from any location .
  • CC integrates security into services.
  • CC eliminates the need for support contracts.
  • CC costs less than on-premise alternatives.
  • CC allows the purchase of services without human interaction.
  • CC integrates automatic backup into services.
  • CC services are delivered from remote locations.
  • CC services are delivered by a third party.
  • CC services are delivered via the Internet or via an IP VPN.

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