Who am I: Sales and Marketing Guy

Professionally, I class myself as a Marketer. Every role I’ve had is somewhat related to this or an extension of it. Workwise, the thing I enjoy about sales and marketing is the whole ‘commercial outcomes from marketing steps’ – strategy development, tactical implementation, and eventual successful outcomes. The glue that keeps this together in my world is the small wins we have on the way down the sales pipeline.

Outside of work I have a fair few diverse hobbies and interests. I’m married with 2 boys and live in Yeronga. I have too many passions in life outside of work – some of these are Rugby League, Military History, Music. I pretty much know the words to every Simpsons episode and Monty Python show. I love coffee, travel, and good champagne. My favourite food is Indonesian, but I love junk food. I am a nerd, and I really enjoy gaming, not PC or console games, but board games, RPG’s or tabletop gaming. I wish I had more time for other hobbies.