Wiley Poultry

With a rich legacy spanning over half a century, Wiley proudly leads the way in engineering, design, and construction services dedicated to the food processing sector. In the poultry industry, we are the trusted name, known for our unrivaled expertise and commitment to excellence.

Our Poultry Expertise:

At Wiley, we boast a dedicated team of seasoned process engineers who excel in all facets of poultry processing. From meticulous planning and cutting-edge engineering to seamless equipment integration, we possess the knowledge and experience necessary to optimize your poultry operations.

Our engineering team and our collaborations with specialist supply chain partners  underscore our unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding results. Wiley’s diverse portfolio spans across poultry processing areas, including cutting-edge processing plants, , biogas initiatives, live bird handly, wastewater processing, value-added production, and advanced process automation.

When you choose Wiley, you’re not just securing services; you’re investing in a legacy of innovation, expertise, and a shared vision for an ever-evolving poultry processing landscape. Join us as we work together to elevate your poultry processing capabilities.

Discover how Wiley can lead your poultry processing journey toward increased efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

What our clients think...

Mark Kitching
Goodna Special School

Wiley also take great pride in working with us to provide the highest level safety and security possible on our school site and their construction site. They have worked extensively with the local community to ensure their needs and their properties are well cared for at all times during the construction process.

Geoff Mills, Principal
Sunnybank Hills State High School

The project has been handed over very successfully. We are all extremely happy with the end result. It’s a beautiful building that all the children love. The design and construction has been first class.